Wellsetter Tools
for Thermowell Installs

Well insertion tool with positive well retention and positive changeable socket keeper. Includes bleed-off port and both 7/8in. & 1 1/8in. sockets.

Well Setter Tools for Thermowell Installs


Carbon Steel Thermolets with 3/4 IP Well Thread
Carbon Steel Thermolets with 1/2 IP Well Thread
304 Stainless Thermolets with 3/4 IP Well Thread
304 Stainless Thermolets with 1/2 IP Well Thread

Therowell Fittings

Wellsetter Accessories

11/16” solid drill
7/8” solid drill
18” Boring Bar  

WellSetter Solid Pilot Drill Bits

Feel free to call our customer support line at 800-279-5659 for more infomation about our thermowell products and services.

About us

About IFT and 2LBin
After many years of tool and valve development, we hold over 20 different unique patents in the pipeline world. 2LBin Thermo-well fittings are a result of over 40+ years of field use by our sister service company, International Flow Technologies. With service locations nation wide, and years of working with major Air Conditioning companies, IFT has perfected this patented industrial line of Well Setting Tools and trusts they will perform the same for many years of service. Built to our commercial specifications, IFT has allowed 2LBin to sell these proven tools. Dependable year after year in computer critical cooling and industrial heating systems, you will enjoy the proven dependability of our products.

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Thermowell Fittings

This simple yet industrial system provides
• Thermolet fittings for weld-able and non weld-able pipe
• Hot Tapping for all well sizes, with 1/2” & 3/4” being most common (For ease in tapping systems over 70 psi. see tappingmachine.com for other tapping machines available)
• Restraining and Setting of all Well sizes safely through 225 psi. - Higher pressure inserting tools available Continue Reading »


Installation of thermolets
Allow installation of Themo-wells without a shut down of pressure to your system. The Thermolet fittings are a result of 30 years of in field use, always ask for original Thermolets. We offer traceable and documented materials which are rated up to 500 psi. Our unique patented design provides a pocket for shavings and a centering taper to guide your well into place. All Thermolets are made in the USA. Don’t settle for imitations, use the leader. Available in carbon steel 304 & 316 stainless steel, brass and custom materials. Once welded onto the pipeline these fittings become the permanent mounting base for your Thermo-well. Bolt-on versions are available upon special order.
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